Debt Settlement, the right decision!

Are you up to your eyeballs in credit card debt?  Are you struggling to make your mortgage payment and have decided that debt consolidation or bankruptcy is your last option?  If this describes your current situation you have likely come across an offer that sounds similar to this: "For a fee, a professional debt-settlement company will help rid you of your debt for as little as half the amount you owe."

It's too good to be true right? Or is that a light at the end of the tunnel?

The answer is probably the one you are hoping for.  Debt settlement is in fact a perfectly legal alternative to filing bankruptcy.  The Law Office of Conrad Willkomm, P.A. can help you navigate these troubled waters and get you a realistic debt settlement that you can pay while negotiating a modification or short sell on your property.  We do not charge anything until we reach a settlement that you approve.  Our fee structure is based on the amount of debt that is forgiven, so our incentive is to get you the best possible settlement. 

If you are looking for that fresh-start, then call The Law Office of Conrad Willkomm, P.A., and set up an appointment to get started on your debt settlement.  There is no charge for your consultation and our fees are never hidden.

Are you just looking for the answer to a quick question, and you're not ready to schedule an appointment?  Post a question in the comments and we'll get back to you immediately.