Top 5 Things to Do After an Auto Accident

Many people who get into auto accidents do not know what to do after the fact, other than call their insurance companies. While this is certainly a step you must eventually take, it is certainly not the first important decision you have to make. Review our comprehensive list of the top 5 things you need to do after being in a car crash so there are no big surprises or mistakes made if or when you are struck by a negligent motorist.

Top 5 steps to take after an auto accident include:

  1. Check on everyone: Safety first might be your normal instinct but it is easy to overlook in the chaotic moments after an auto accident. Before you do anything else, make certain that everyone is safe and sound, and be prepared to react accordingly.
  2. Call emergency responders: If someone has been seriously injured, they need to receive medical attention as soon as possible. This is not the time to worry about ambulance costs – get everyone the help they need. If no one is hurt, you will want the police there to create an accident report and steer traffic away from your collision.
  3. Collect information: Testimonies, photographs, and insurance information are the complete trinity of information you need to gather after a car accident. Now is not the time to be shy. Talk to anyone who has stopped to help, for the statements of good Samaritans are often some of the most powerful evidence to use to your advantage.
  4. Do not apologize: In addition to not being tentative, you should also not be apologetic. Put aside your instincts to be kindhearted to everyone you meet for just a few hours and do not apologize, say you are sorry, or do anything that could be seen as an admission of guilt. Insurance adjusters comb through evidence looking for a single "I'm sorry" and pin liability on whoever said it.
  5. Get a medical checkup: Not feeling too bad after being in an auto accident? That could be a good sign but let a doctor decide that for you. What might only feel like mild soreness and irritation now could really be the first signs of a serious injury. After an accident, regardless of severity, see your trusted physician as soon as you can.

Step 6: Hire an Attorney

No after-accident list would be complete without addressing the importance of hiring a professional personal injury lawyer. The negligent driver that hit you and their insurance providers are sure to challenge whatever you want to include in your claim. While your thoroughness by following steps 1 through 5 are going to help, all the preparation doesn't amount to much if you cannot deliver on the execution. This is where our Naples car accident lawyer from the Law Office of Conrad Willkomm, P.A. steps in and works on your behalf to maximize your chances of securing full compensation.

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